Kitchen Garden
6th September - 15th December 2018

This Christmas selling exhibition celebrates the quintessential English Kitchen Garden. This will showcase lots of beautiful, affordable gift ideas both inspired by and for use in the kitchen and the garden. Artists confirmed for this exhibition are: Cas Holmes, Sam Walker Ceramics, Sarah J Perry Designs, Katie Almond, Heather Everitt, Kate Farley, Amanda Cobbett, Suzanne Breakwell, Rachel Dormor Ceramics, Tom Knowles-Jackson, Bryony Jennings, Kathleen Murphy, Fir + Wren, Peter Lanyon Furniture

Nearly Neon
17th Jan - 27th April 2019

'Nearly Neon', Brighten up the Winter months and welcome in the Spring with vivid and vivacious pops of colour. This exhibition showcases the best in contemporary craft that celebrates the use of bright and bold colour. With work from: Bryony Applegate, Kilnworks, Victoria Oliver, Sara Moorhouse, Angie Parker, Jenny Llweylln, Kate Hollowood, Posner and Posner, Fern Robinson, Katy Fletcher, Alice Shields, Janie Withers, Sarah Fennel and Jane Sedgwick.

Into the Woods
2nd May- 31st Aug 2019

The forest acts as a potent symbol of adventure and discovery; a place where the barrier between reality and fantasy begins to thin. This Exhibition seeks to capture the wonder and whimsy of these magical places, a whimsy that is subtly shaded with undertones of the sinister and macabre. With work from Cat in the Shoe, Betty Pepper, Gwen Vaughan, Treefall Design, Liz Cooksey, Heather Everitt, Karen Suzuki, Kayleigh Radcliffe, Charlotte Bezzant, Claire Collinson, Chris Turrel-Watts, Mrs Bertimus, Josephine Gomersall, Claire Gent and Print Garage.

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