A Group Gathering, 30th June - 27th August 2016.

'A Group Gathering' is a vehicle for bringing invited artists together to work on collaborative projects with a textile bent. Each year the project challenge and the group of artists involved changes- this exhibition showcases the first two of these- ‘Daphne’s Glove’ and ‘The Shirt Collar Project’. The project is curated and managed by artist Kathleen Murphy (Murgatroyd and Bean) and was initially based on creative relationships developed via social media: http://agroupgathering.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/gathering-group.html

This project includes the work of: Alice Fox, Angie Hughes, Anya Keeley, Cathy Cullis, Gentlework, Ella Robinson, Coo & Co, Nancy Nicholson, Hensteeth, Murgatroyd and BeanAli Ferguson, Caren GarfenClaire A Baker, Jeanette McCulloch, Karen Shapley, Mandy Pattullo, Mariette Voke, Curious Pip, Sharon Hall Shipp and Tamsin Abbott.    

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Cultivated: Part II, 1st - 24th September 2016

This exhibition showcases work made by Charlie Birtles, Kerry Butterworth, Rachel Butlin and Fiona Cox whilst undertaking the 'Cultivated' Programme at Unit Twelve. Cultivated is an exciting graduate support programme that acts as a bridge between university and independent practice, offering 6 months studio space and professional support to makers. Unit Twelve is a champion of contemporary craft and the programme aims to enable it's makers to develop practices that are both sustainable and have integrity. This exhibition will show the best of the work made whilst at Unit Twelve and how these four have grown as makers.

Spoon, 29th Sept - 17th Dec 2016

This Christmas selling exhibition will showcase a varied array of beautiful artist made spoons made from a large variety of materials such as wood, ceramic, glass, wire, silver, metal, enamel and even found objects and mixed media.

With spoons by Justine Allison, Kathryn Campbell Dodd, Sharon Adams, Hamish Dobbie, Priscilla Jones, Sue Pryke, Laura Baxter, Emma Wells, Emily Stapleton Jefferis, Sue Brown, Liz Willis, Elaine Bolt, The Silver Duck, Ann Povey, Helena Emmans, Hugh Leishman, Ann Nazareth, Katie Almond, Julia Cowie, Louise Wilson, Louise Loder, Emma Louise Wilson, Sarah Malone and Rosie Brewer.

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The Art of Science, 12th Jan - 22nd April 2017.

This exhibition will show the wealth of diverse contemporary craft currently being made that that fit into the categories of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Entomology.

With work from Naomi Greaves, Anna Collette Hunt, Chrissie Pritchard, Nancy Sutcliffe, Jillian Riley, Jennie McCall, Libby Ward, Olivia Stava Hawley, Steven Bradley, Vinegar & Brown Paper, Laura Mabbutt, BLOTT WORKS, Julia Smith and Mauri Beardshaw.

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