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Mostly Monochrome
13th January- 30th April 2022

This exhibition will be a showcase of high-quality contemporary craft with a limited, often black, white and grey palette, but with an exciting pop of occasional colour!

Featuring work by: Beatrice Mayfield, Hannah White, Amy Bonsor, Sue Brown, Sean J Thornhill, Lisa Krigel, Bekky May, Lubna Din, Rachel Brown, Amy Stringer, Sarah Packington and Judith Brown.

You can view a virtual tour of this exhibition here.

(Please note we will be closed on the 15th and 16th April for the Bank Holiday)

Terroir: The characteristic imparted by environment (tɛrˈwɑːFrench tɛrwar. Noun)
6th May- 28th August 2021

The French have a term when describing making wine, ‘terroir’ which means the special character that a wine is thought to get from the particular place where the grapes were grown. Similar to this notion then is the idea that many artists make emotional connections to specific places whether real or imagined. These locations help influence and define the work they create, and it becomes rooted in these special and meaningful places. The exhibition will include work by: The Cat In The Shoe, Katie Timson, Heather McDermott, Ella McIntosh, Florence Hoy, Anna Wiscombe, Rolling Roses, Holly Stant, Celestine and the Hare and Anna Peake.

You can view a virtual tour of this exhibition here.

Colour. Shape. Form.
2nd Sept- 18th Dec 2021.

The National Curriculum for the Art and Design Programme in England identifies how students should be taught to ‘evaluate and analyse creative works using the language of art, craft and design’.

“A high-quality art and design education should engage, inspire and challenge pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. As pupils progress, they should be able to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of art and design.”

This exhibition invites the viewer to actively share what entices them to a crafted object; draw/circle/highlight/annotate the walls of the gallery to turn the space into an incubator of thoughts and ideas around what is so unique about craft.

Selected and co curated by Charlie Birtles, and featuring work by Alice Shields, Janine Partington, Faye Hall, Anna Lorenz, Hannah Gibson, Marmor Paperie, Verity Howard, Jane Sedgwick, Anna Gravelle and Elizabeth Jane Campbell.

You can view a virtual tour of this exhibition here.

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things
14th January- 1st May 2021

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things.
When the dog bites, when the bee stings
When I'm feeling sad
I simply remember my favourite things
And then I don't feel so bad

Lockdown has all made us think about, and appreciate the things we have in our homes. This exhibition considers how objects, and specifically craft, makes us smile and brings joy into our lives daily… With work from: Duck ceramics, Jo Caskie, Kay Morgan, Dominika Kupcova, Seed, Alice Funge, Kate Toms, Fiona Wilson, jeff josephine designs, Kaper, Lucy Baxendale and David Ashby.

You can view a virtual tour of this exhibition here.

The Joy of Repetition
10th September -19th December 2020

“Over and over and over and over and over, Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal, The joy of repetition really is in you” - Over and Over by Hot Chip.
An exhibition of contemporary craft makers working with the idea of multiples, whether it be a techniques, shape, colour, motif or process that repeats within the work. With work from: vinegar and brown paper, Stewart Kelly, Fran Buxton, Eleanor Crane, Abbie Gardiner, Polished Grey, Amanda Banham, Kathy Hutton, Katie Lowe, Suzanne Devine, Beth Pegler, Julie Massie, Olive Rose and Colour Designs.

You can view a virtual tour of this exhibition here.

7th May- 5th September 2020

To celebrate our tenth anniversary we will showcase ten of the finest contemporary craft makers in the county as picked by ten leading professionals, who curate, organise, plan and shape the world of contemporary craft. As selected by: Sarah James, Director of The Craft Festival Bovey Tracey/Cardiff/Cheltenham and Nourish Festival selected Jaejun Lee; Katie Honnor, Director of madebyhandonline selected Mizuki Takahashi; Patricia van den Akker of the Design Trust selected Emily Jo Gibbs; Jo Hall, Editor of Embroidery Mag selected Richard McVetis; Ann-Marie Franey organiser of Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fairselected Julie Arkell. Joe Pitcher of Textilesartist.org. selected Melanie Kay; Rachel Chambers of Ferrers Gallery selected Dinny Pocock; Deirdre Figueiredo, MBE, Director of Craftspace selected Melanie Tomlinson; Barry Morris from MOSTYN selected Hannah Coates and at Unit Twelve we selected Lindsey Mann.

16th Jan- 2nd May 2020

Unit Twelve has always championed the recycling ethos, and artists who work with and bring new life to unusual and recycled materials, discovering and crafting exquisite new creations. These artists share a similar mindset and process, that starts at the discovery stage, inspired by the materials to reclaim; reimagining and repurposing the unwanted. with work from: Bronwen Gwillim, Sal Broadhurst, Claire Batt, Michaela McMillan, Lynn Muir, Hannah Lobley, Jessica Grady, Francesca Lobb, Kasasagi, Eleanor Symms, Rachel Butlin and Katie Lowe collaboration, Priormade, Nina Brabbins, Mandy Cleveland, Katherine Richmond.

You can see the facebook archive of the exhibition here.

Kitchen Stories
5th Sept - 20th Dec 2019

The kitchen is often the heart of the home providing sustenance, warmth and nourishment, as well as hosting celebrations and welcoming visitors. This exhibition includes work made for use in the kitchen, as well as artwork exploring the narrative of it; inspired by kitchen utensils, folk art and the idea of sitting round the table sharing 'Kitchen Stories'. With work from: Anne Kelly, Linda Bloomfield, Bramble and Goose, Kathryn Ashcroft, Murgatroyd & Bean, Jo Harratt, Ann Povey, Georgie Scully, Hannah Staniforth, Sue Bibby and Takahashi McGil.

Into the Woods
2nd May- 31st Aug 2019

The forest acts as a potent symbol of adventure and discovery; a place where the barrier between reality and fantasy begins to thin. This Exhibition seeks to capture the wonder and whimsy of these magical places, a whimsy that is subtly shaded with undertones of the sinister and macabre. With work from Cat in the Shoe, Betty Pepper, Gwen Vaughan, Treefall Design, Liz Cooksey, Heather Everitt, Karen Suzuki, Kayleigh Radcliffe, Clare Collinson, Chris Turrel-Watts, Mrs Bertimus, Josephine Gomersall, Claire Gent and Print Garage.

Nearly Neon
17th Jan - 27th April 2019

'Nearly Neon', Brighten up the Winter months and welcome in the Spring with vivid and vivacious pops of colour. This exhibition showcases the best in contemporary craft that celebrates the use of bright and bold colour. With work from: Bryony Applegate, Kilnworks, Victoria Oliver, Sara Moorhouse, Angie Parker, Jenny Llweylln, Kate Hollowood, Posner and Posner, Fern Robinson, Katy Fletcher, Alice Shields, Janie Withers, Sarah Fennel and Jane Sedgwick.

Kitchen Garden
6th September - 15th December 2018

This Christmas selling exhibition celebrates the quintessential English Kitchen Garden. This will showcase lots of beautiful, affordable gift ideas both inspired by and for use in the kitchen and the garden. Artists confirmed for this exhibition are: Cas Holmes, Sam Walker Ceramics, Sarah J Perry Designs, Katie Almond, Heather Everitt, Kate Farley, Amanda Cobbett, Suzanne Breakwell, Rachel Dormor Ceramics, Tom Knowles-Jackson, Bryony Jennings, Kathleen Murphy, Fir + Wren, Peter Lanyon Furniture

'Is It Useful?', 26th April- 1st September 2018.

This exhibition has been co curated by Charlie Birtles and will showcase a collection of beautifully handcrafted, intellectually conceptual objects. This exhibition playfully reconsiders the objects of our day to day domestic life; each object feels familiar, yet provides a challenge to interpret. Artists confirmed for this exhibition are: Victoria Scholes, Tara Squibb, Anne Gibbs, Richard McVetis, Zoe Robertson, Elaine Bolt and Annemarie O’Sullivan - 'Making ground' collaboration, Rosie Deegan, Bethany Stafford, Ellie Birkhead, Katy Gilliam Hull, Kate Haywood and Fran Buxton

'Cuts The Mustard', 11th January- 21st April 2018.

This will be a playful exhibition taking the idiom 'cuts the mustard' as a cue for work that is "successful, and comes up to expectations", as well as highlighting the best in contemporary craft that celebrates this stunning colour.

With work from: Liz Cooksey, Lynsey Walters, Emma Cocker, Rachel Butlin, Ruth Allen, A Northern Light, Claire lowe, Cally Conway, Lesley Doe, Abigail Leach, Janie Withers, Pauline Montgomery, Emily Higham, and Gilly Langton.

Please note we will be closed on the 30 and 31st of March for Easter.

'Cup', 31st August- 16th December 2017.

This Christmas selling exhibition that will celebrates the diversity of the humble 'Cup' and will showcase vessels in all different types of materials and styles, from ceramic, to paper, to wire, to fabric, to wood...

With work from: Ken Eardley, Jane Booth, Jessica Thorn, Katrin Moye, James and Tilla Waters, Juila Smith Ceramics, Eluned Glynn, Emma Johnson, Knit me a Stitch, Helaina Sharpley, Priscilla Jones, Emma-Jane Rule, Melissa Montague, This is Pewter, Bramble and Goose, Emily Notman, Miriam Jones, Naomi Posner (of Posner & Posner), Jennifer Collier and Emma Louise Wilson.

(Surface) Pattern, 27th April- 26th August 2017.

This exhibition will showcase work that celebrates the beauty of the material, the decorated surface, and the many and varied ways of creating surface pattern.

With work from Marna Lunt, Carla Edwards, Kate Bowles, Kathryn Partington, Miranda Sharpe, Ruth Singer, Lisa Slinn, Morna Darling, Zoë Hillyard, Silvia K Ceramics, Katharina Klug, and Adam Cornish.

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Spoon, 29th Sept - 17th Dec 2016

This Christmas selling exhibition will showcase a varied array of beautiful artist made spoons made from a large variety of materials such as wood, ceramic, glass, wire, silver, metal, enamel and even found objects and mixed media.

With spoons by Justine Allison, Kathryn Campbell Dodd, Sharon Adams, Hamish Dobbie, Priscilla Jones, Sue Pryke, Laura Baxter, Emma Wells, Emily Stapleton Jefferis, Sue Brown, Liz Willis, Elaine Bolt, The Silver Duck, Ann Povey, Helena Emmans, Hugh Leishman, Ann Nazareth, Katie Almond, Julia Cowie, Louise Wilson, Louise Loder, Emma Louise Wilson, Sarah Malone and Rosie Brewer.

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Cultivated: Part II, 1st - 24th September 2016

This exhibition showcases work made by Charlie Birtles, Kerry Butterworth, Rachel Butlin and Fiona Cox whilst undertaking the 'Cultivated' Programme at Unit Twelve. Cultivated is an exciting graduate support programme that acts as a bridge between university and independent practice, offering 6 months studio space and professional support to makers. Unit Twelve is a champion of contemporary craft and the programme aims to enable it's makers to develop practices that are both sustainable and have integrity. This exhibition will show the best of the work made whilst at Unit Twelve and how these four have grown as makers.

A Group Gathering, 30th June - 27th August 2016.

'A Group Gathering' is a vehicle for bringing invited artists together to work on collaborative projects with a textile bent. Each year the project challenge and the group of artists involved changes- this exhibition showcases the first two of these- ‘Daphne’s Glove’ and ‘The Shirt Collar Project’. The project is curated and managed by artist Kathleen Murphy (Murgatroyd and Bean) and was initially based on creative relationships developed via social media: http://agroupgathering.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/gathering-group.html

This project includes the work of: Alice Fox, Angie Hughes, Anya Keeley, Cathy Cullis, Gentlework, Ella Robinson, Coo & Co, Nancy Nicholson, Hensteeth, Murgatroyd and BeanAli Ferguson, Caren GarfenClaire A Baker, Jeanette McCulloch, Karen Shapley, Mandy Pattullo, Mariette Voke, Curious Pip, Sharon Hall Shipp and Tamsin Abbott.    

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Equilibrium: function & form, 31st March- 25th June 2016

A showcase of objects that are beautiful art works in their own right, but all of the work featured will be fully functional. The exhibition will feature exquisite and sculptural jewellery, ceramics, glass, furniture and textiles- this is not a case of style over function but style AND function.

With work by: Rachel Brown, Emily Kidson, Miriam Jones, Helaina Sharpley, Jessica Thorn, Tracey Falvey, Tammy Child, Kay Morgan, Curvalinea, Caroline Finlay, Isabel Moseley, Jo Davies, Jane Crisp, Hayley Beckey, Maggie Williams and Annemarie O’Sullivan.

Click for exhibition photo album here.

Simpatico, 7th Jan - 26th March 2016

Simpatico: adjective sim|pat¦ico/ of similar mind or temperament; compatible. Having or characterized by shared attributes or interests; a simpatico relationship. This exhibition investigates collaboration between artists and showcases some of the wonderful work being produced in this way.

Including collaborations by Julia Jowett and Sue Brown, Julia Jowett and Sophie Symes, Dionne Swift and Tone Von Krogh, Kate Bajic and Carly Petitt-Taylor, Samantha Robinson and Katie Almond, Ruth Singer and Jan Garside, Bethany Walker and Ruth Singer, Jan Garside and Kate Bajic, Michaela McMillan and Kate McBride, Katherine Staples and Sonya Viney, Emma Palmer and Claire Lowe, Helen Foot and Dot One, Aimee Bollu and Hannah Watson and Hannah Watson and Emily Notman.

Click for exhibition photo album here.

The Language of Objects, 1st October - 19th December 2015

'The Language of Objects' investigates the interplay between found and artist made elements, as well as work created using unusual materials in combination with one another. Both aspects of this exhibition aim to look at the dialogue created between materials and objects.

This exhibition was co-curated by Unit Twelve's 'Cultivated' graduate Aimee Bollu, and will showcase work from: Stuart Cairns, Luke Bishop, Taz Pollard, Jane Cairns, Chein Wei Chang, Elaine Bolt, Alice Fox, Fay Jenkinson, Jo Pond, Libby Ward, Brittany Delany and Harriet Elkerton.

Click for exhibition photo album here.

Cultivated, 3rd - 26th September 2015

This exhibition showcases work made by Aimee Bollu, Hannah Watson, Sophie Symes and Isabel Mosley whilst undertaking the 'Cultivated' Programme at Unit Twelve. Cultivated is an exciting graduate support programme that acts as a bridge between university and independent practice, offering 6 months studio space and professional support to makers. Unit Twelve is a champion of contemporary craft and the programme aims to enable it's makers to develop practices that are both sustainable and have integrity. This exhibition will show the best of the work made whilst at Unit Twelve and how these four have grown as makers.

Click for exhibition photo album here.

Meticulous Stitchers, 4th June - 29th August 2015

'Meticulous Stitchers' has been co-curated with renowned textile artist, Amanda Clayton. This exhibition showcases hand stitch and includes work that is considered, takes extreme care about minute detail, is precise and thorough. Featuring work by: Amanda Clayton, James Hunting, Caroline Bartlett, Serena Partridge, Betty Pepper, Janet Bolton, Jean Draper, Colette Dobson, Julia Jowett, Ali Ferguson, Alice Fox, Richard McVetis, Emily Thomas and Michelle Taylor.

Click for exhibition photo album here.

Anniversary, 5th March- 30th May 2015

An amazing exhibition to celebrate our 5th birthday where we will showcase work for the 21 major anniversaries, with each anniversary choice being less literal than in a traditional anniversary list… With work from Becky Creed, Marna Lunt, Williams Handmade, Victoria Walker, Laurence Brand, Natalie Smith, Claire Cawte, Ruth Allen, Justine Allison, Lindsey Mann, &made Ruth Proud, JC Middlebrooke, Rare Notions & Samantha Robinson, Alys Power, Sasha Wardell, Jacqueline Harold Designs, Kate Gilliland, Alix Swan, Ellen Thomas and Sharyn Dunn.

Click for exhibition photo album here.

Contemporary Craft Open Exhibition, 4th Dec 2014- 28th Feb 2015

This exhibition showcases the best in contemporary craft, both amateur and professional, selected by Jo Hall, Editor of Embroidery and Surfacestory.com, Louise Hesketh, Arts Officer at The Brindley Arts Centre, and Claire Bates, owner of Landbaby.

Click for exhibition photo album here.

This exhibition will showcase work that focuses on the interplay between colour and light, work that is bold, bright and graphic.

With work by Zoe Murphy, Alison Willoughby, Hannah Lamb, Harriet Caslin, Helen Foot, Fay McCaul, Eleanor Simms, Gosia Weber Handmade, Rhea Clements, Sally-Ann Provan, Rachel Gornall, Drew Markou, (Studio) Imeus, and Lynsey Walters.

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A Room with a View, 5th June- 30th August 2014.

This solo exhibition invites you into the fantastical world of Jennifer Collier, where every detail is constructed from paper. This exhibition references fairy tales, films, literature, music and nursery rhymes to build the narrative, allowing the papers to dictate what they should be made into. Jennifer has used this show as a platform to extend her practice and to fulfil her dream to construct a room set, with a view, created entirely from paper...

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Madebyhandonline presents… 6th March- 31st May 2014

'madebyhandonline presents...' will showcase a selection of iconic handmade craft from their makers. madebyhandonline.com is a curated website championing high quality contemporary craft from some of the UK's finest makers. This exhibition will present work from Samantha Bryan, Julia Parry-Jones, Helen Noakes, Virginia Graham, Lisa Ellul, Suzanne Claire, Katie Almond, Kirsty Elson, Marie Canning, Rachel Foxwell, Dionne Swift, Sarah Culleton, Clare Hillerby, Chris Eckersley and Tone Von Krogh.

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Contemporary Craft Open Exhibition, 5th Dec 2013- 1st March 2014

Showing the best in contemporary craft, both amateur and professional, selected by Little Northern Contemporary Craft Fairs, Yellowstone Art Boutique and Print Garage who have also kindly sponsored prizes.

Exhibitors also have the chance of winning prizes from The Contemporary Craft Fair, Bovey Tracey madebyhandonline and Unit Twelve.

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21st Century Farmer, 5th Sept- 30th Nov 2013.

Showcasing work that has a contemporary take on rural themes and imagery. Embracing the gallery's rural location and just in time for Christmas this will be a selling exhibition and very much 'non-twee'. Showcasing work from Anna Collette Hunt, Melanie Tomlinson, Janine Partington, Vanessa Conyers, Helen Chatterton, Fly Karoline, Twiggd, Weft Bespoke Design, Craig Fellows, Amanda Coleman, Colette Bain, Karoline Rerrie, Print Garage, Alice Shields and Helen Musselwhite.

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Worn Away, 30th May- 31st Aug 2013

This exhibition features work that embraces this quality; its being worn away in some way is an integral part of its aesthetic; worn by the elements or time, or work that has been worn away manually, by scratching, etching and the wearing through of layers. With work from Kirsty Elson, Mirjana Smith, Jo Pond, Claire Baker, Charlotte Lowe, Rachel Grant, Katherine Richmond, Meg Darlington, Sarah Malone, Rosie Bill, Ella Robinson, Kate Hamilton-Hunter, Joanne Barlow, Priscilla Jones, Gizella Warburton and Claire Lovett.

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Traditional Twisted, 28th Feb - 25th May 2013

Craft: noun- an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill; a job or activity needing skill and experience, especially in relation to making objects; an activity involving skill in making things by hand. This exhibition investigates traditional crafts that are undertaken in a contemporary way, showcasing craftspeople whose work twist the traditional; with Amy Twigger Holroyd (Keep & Share), Imogen Luddy, Maria Thomas, Betty Pepper, Bethany Walker, Michelle Taylor, Leah Fletcher, Jenny Creasey, Bekx Stephens, Laura Thomas, Becky Adams, Alix Swan

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Tales of the Unexpected, 29th Nov – 23rd Feb 2013

Showcasing work that is hauntingly beautiful and stunningly sinister; this exhibition explores work with unexpected materials and narrative. Artist in this exhibition are Gillian Lee Smith, Kate Gilliland, Rebecca Wilson, Julia Jowett, Jane Bevan, Abigail Drumm, Anya Keeley, Catherine Chester.

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Contemporary Craft Open, 1st Nov - 25th Nov 2012

The exhibition showcases the best in contemporary craft, both amateur and professional, and was selected by Madebyhandonline and Craftspace, who have also kindly sponsored prizes, along with Jo Hall, Editor of Embroidery Magazine and Print Garage. All visitors to the exhibition can enter a prize draw to win £100 voucher to spend with madebyhandonline. The exhibition will continue until 25th November.

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Found, 2nd Aug - 27th Oct 2012

Found: vb. to bring into being; to discover by chance; to come upon by searching; to perceive. Work from Jennifer Collier, Judith Brown, Lucy Elsie Harvey, Alys Power, Kirsty Whitlock, Iain Perry, Naomi Greaves, Lucy Harding and Tracie Murchison.

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Word Play, 3rd May - 28th July 2012

Text and the written word provide the focus of this exhibition, with makers who use stories to inspire their work, or where text provides an important aspect to the aesthetic of it. Makers included in this exhibition are Oh Golly Gosh, Katie Almond, Lauren Van Helmond, Rachel Hazell, Rag Button, Alix Swan, Creatively Occupied, Sarah Jane Brown, Lucie Pritchard, Rare Notions and Louise Wilson.

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Spring Loaded, 2nd Feb - 28th April 2012

This exhibition will encourage us all out of hibernation as it celebrates the joys of spring. Fresh, bright colours and garden inspired work truly make this exhibition ‘Spring Loaded’. Featuring work by Emily Notman, Audray Vivian, Chris Thompson, Selina Campbell, Amanda Mercer, Sarah Myatt, Anna Calvert and Fiona Hermse.

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Ties that bind, 3rd Nov 2011 - 28th Jan 2012

Aprons, stories and hidden lives. Ties that bind is a curated display of newly created aprons inspired by women’s lives, published stories, personal memories and imagined futures. Twelve makers will exhibit aprons using print, paper and embroidery: Louise Frances Evans¸ Jennifer Collier, Teresa Green, Michelle Holmes, Karen Shapley, Louise Presley, Colette Dobson, Christine Stanford, Julie Haslam, Ruth Singer, Ellie Evans, and Priscilla Jones.

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Threads, 4th August - 29th October 2011

This exhibition focuses on the work of makers who don’t use thread and fibres in the conventional way. This is not a textile exhibition, but an exhibition of the unexpected outcomes that can be created from ‘threads’. With work from ten diverse makers: Hanne Mannheimer, Ann Nazareth, Stitched Ceramics, Debbie Smyth, Emma Palmer, Sally Collins, Jane Blease, Emmy-Gai Palmer, Kathryn Partington and Anna Wales.

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First Anniversary: Paper, 5th May - 30th July 2011

Work from 25 of the country’s most exciting makers working with paper: Susan Cutts, Helen Musselwhite, Paperwork, Saloukee, Priscilla Jones, Ruth Allen, Katherine Richmond, Sarah Morpeth, Ruth Singer, Clare Hillerby, Betty Pepper, Jennifer Collier, Iain Perry, Rachel Eardley, Shellie Holden, Anya Keeley, Magie Hollingworth, Julie Arkell, Becky Adams, Helen Roberts, Rebbecca J Coles, Jane Ponsford, Claire Brewster, Jo Pond and Phiona Richards.

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Minutiae, 3rd March - 30th April 2011

“The everyday world is invisible until we are forced to see it differently… art is a primary means of making strange the already seen, already known.” Victor Shklovsky, 1918. This is an exhibition looking at the finer details and subtleties of the everyday; featuring makers who’s work views things in detail or in a different way. Including work from Lindsey Mann, Teresa Green, Catrin Mostyn Jones and Dan Stafford.

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Wonderland, 6th Jan - 26th Feb 2011

An exhibition of the mystical, fantastical and fairytale. Work from Betty Pepper, Mandy Tolley, Jennifer Collier and Ruth Green.

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(off)White Christmas, 4th Nov - 24th Dec 2010

A non traditional (off) White Christmas exhibition, exploring the absence of colour. Featuring ceramics from Mari Ruth Oda and Phoebe Cummings and multimedia textiles from Jennifer Collier and Amanda Clayton.

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Polly Put The Kettle On, 2nd Sept - 30th Oct 2010

A tea themed exhibition celebrating all aspects of this quintessential English tradition. Helaina Sharpley, Priscilla Jones, Suzanne Smith, Karen Shapley, Emer O'Sullivan, Emma Dolan and Virgina Graham.

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Second Life, 1st July - 28th Aug 2010

An exhibition focusing on artists who create their work from recycled materials. This includes recycled metals, plastics and textiles from Ruth Singer, Jason Taylor, Sarah Bradshaw and Stella Corrall.

Yours Sincerely, 15th May - 26th June 2010

An exhibition looking at makers who use letters, envelopes, postmarks and stamps in their work, from creating their own envelopes, to recycling them in their work. The exhibition includes the work of Shellie Holden, Clare Hillerby, Ruth Allen, Jennifer Collier, Viv Sliwka and Iain Perry.

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