Coronavirus Safety Measures

The safety measures for art workshops at Unit Twelve:

*Hand washing facilities, with disposable paper towels at both sinks.
*Hand sanitiser readily available on every desk and at both sinks.
*A one way system in place
*A sewing machine per participant (for appropriate workshops) that will be wiped down with antibacterial spray if we need to change a bobbin or needle for you.
*A table free between each participant to ensure 2m between seats.
*Numbers limited to 5 for workshops requiring sewing machines, 6 for ones without.
*Both doors open to allow air flow
*Drinks made for you, with washed and sanitised hands and whilst wearing a visor.
*Workshop providers (and Unit Twelve staff where applicable) to wear a visor throughout
*A set of materials and equipment per participant (put ready with sanitised hands)
*Any communal materials, like threads and papers, laid out in a way that participants can select without touching other items, and kept on their desks rather than being returned after use.
*Participants to wear facemasks and/or visors for any group demos, or when working one on one with the tutor. We will provide a visor per participant, that will be sterilised between uses.

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